Urgent loans in Almeria

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If you need urgent financing in Almeria . Below we will show you the financial companies that offer financial advice to their new clients who come from Almeria. We warn you that there are also online financial services, which also give money to various forms of applications.

Alanco – Financial advice in Almeria.

Alanco is a consultancy formed by two specialists in the world of financial services and investment management. They offer personalized financial products and also training with which to learn how to manage money and investments, within the industry of the financial world, private capital and markets. The address is : Av Paseo de Almería 37 (04001 Almería).

Beltran advisers in Almeria.

One of the most important companies in Almeria, in terms of financial advice for business uses and particular uses. They offer advisory services on tax, accounting, financial products , farm management, legal and commercial matters. The address is: Avd. Federico García Lorca, 171 – Almería

Online financing urgently.

Online financing is also one of the best alternatives to private banking and financial companies that offer their services in a physical way. From this web page, you have access to quick credits online. From our mobile application available on Android, you also have the opportunity to compare different urgent loans.


Almeria financial companies do not offer fast loans directly, but applying for a loan is very important in the domestic economy and it is better to do it under the advice of experts specialized in the subject, which also serve as a great utility to advise clients Defaulters who want to leave Asnef, as they also offer legal consultations.

Animal owners liability in the test

Horse and dog owners who are looking for a high-performance and reasonably priced pet owner liability can orientate themselves on current test winners. However, the insurance for the four-legged are rarely tested. Pet owners should therefore individually compare tariffs with each other to find the personal best protection.

Animal owners liability in comparison: Which test winner will be 2018?

Whether dog liability or horse liability insurance – the important protection for dog and horse owners, there are already for a few euros a month. But where do you find good and cheap livestock liability insurance ? Compared to other insurance products, this issue is rarely investigated by auditors. All the more valuable are the current test winners, on which pet owners can orient themselves.

However, no test was published in 2018. In the following, therefore, interested parties will find the latest test results from the year 2017 and the test winners on horse and dog liability of Stiftung Warentest.

Dog liability insurance in comparison

The analysis house ascore In the summer of 2017, scoring compared more than 50 insurers and their offers for dog liability insurance in a comparison. The experts looked at various criteria such as the insurance conditions of animal husbandry liability and performance processing.

Eight fares reach the best rating of six stars. These are:

✓ Tariff “Classik” from Alte Leipziger
✓ “Comfort” from Alte Leipziger
✓ “THV Komfort Plus” by The Liability Insurance Fund
✓ “Best Selection 2016” by Janitos
✓ “Allsafe amigo” by Konzept & Marketing
✓ “Max-THV Premium Dog” by Maxpool
✓ “NV HundePremium 2.0” from NV-Versicherungen
✓ “NV HundePremiumPlus 2.0” from NV-Versicherungen

The cost of the very good dog liability insurance vary with a deductible of 150 € between 46 € and 113 € per year . Depending on the provider, the sum insured is between 5 and 20 million euros per damage.

Tip: The costs for animal owners liability often depend on the race of the four-legged friends . In order to find a dog liability insurance that fits the personal requirements, an individual tariff comparison makes sense . This can also save dog owners a lot of money. Especially when they value top performance, the price range between the cheapest and most expensive insurance is large.

Horse liability insurance in comparison

For horse owners too, the analysis company has been looking for the best insurance to protect themselves from the financial consequences of damage that their horse accidentally causes. Nearly 50 providers were examined.

About every fifth liability is excellent from the testers point of view . Thus the tariffs “comfort” and “Premium” of the ARAG as well as “NV PferdePremium 2.0” and “NV PferdePremiumPlus 2.0” of NV-Versicherungen receive the top rating. The same applies to the livestock liability insurance policies “Comfort” from Alte Leipziger, “Animal Owners Liability Insurance” from Gothaer, “THV XXL” from InterRisk, “Best Selection 2016” from Janitos, “Allsafe cavallo” from Konzept & Marketing and “max-THV Premium Horse” from maxpool.

Tip: As with the dog liability insurance, the annual costs vary significantly depending on the provider. But that is not the only reason why an individual tariff comparison with horse liability insurance is worthwhile. Interested parties can quickly find out how insurers differ in their services.

For example, some do not see any protection in the event of rent damages or do not pay if the horse accidentally injures the holder’s partner or family members . Accordingly, it is important to contrast different tariffs using a comparison calculator to find the personal best mix of price and performance.

Animal husbandry liability in the test of Stiftung Warentest

The last test of Stiftung Warentest on animal husbandry insurance was published in 2016 in the April (horses) and June (dogs) issue of the financial test. In order to find the best dog liability , 116 tariffs with a sum insured of at least five million euros were examined. They all offer a basic protection. He encloses

✓ protection in the event of a breach of holder obligations,

✓ the insurance cover for dog handlers ,

✓ Lease damage with at least 250,000 euros,

✓ Cover damage as well

✓ protection abroad for at least one year.

For this basic protection, dog owners pay different amounts of money. While the cheapest provider calculates 58 euros a year, the most expensive is 172 euros.

The three cheapest dog liability insurance in the test of Stiftung Warentest at a glance:

insurer tariff Annual fee in euros
NV Premium 58
Ammerländer Comfort 60
Bavaria Direct No information 61

In the search for the best protection for horse owners , the Stiftung Warentest also defined a basic protection and then examined which of the 94 tariffs offer the most favorable horse liability. In addition to the insurance coverage for horse keepers and in the event of breaches of holder obligations, the horse liability insurance covers cover third-party riders, cover and ground damage. The sum insured amounts to five million euros per damage for property damage and personal injury.

The cheapest rates for animal husbandry liability for horses in the test of Stiftung Warentest at a glance:

insurer tariff Annual fee in euros
GMO Smart and easy 91
NV Premium 94
VGH No information 111
ÖVB No information 111

As with the pet owner liability for dog owners, the costs for the protection of horse owners differ significantly. Thus, the highest annual fee according to the comparison is 262 euros.

Find customized pet ownership now

The different tests prove that, depending on which insurance coverage pet owners want, different rates are recommended for the protection of dogs or horses. Depending on the age of the policyholder, the insured animal and the wishes for the benefit package, the annual costs may vary.

With a non-binding comparison, interested parties get a simple and uncomplicated overview of a variety of tariffs for animal owners liability insurance. In the results list the cheapest and most powerful offers are shown . These can continue to filter dog and horse owners until they have found the optimal protection for their four-legged friends.

When Can You Take A Pet To Your Child

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Your 5-year-old son loves dogs, and where he finds some run over her to embrace her, but you also have a daughter who just celebrated her first birthday, so you are wondering when you can take the pet so persistently asks the little one .

If your children are healthy, they do not have a history of allergy, take care of the vaccination of the pet, and you have a big home, theoretically you can make a favor to your little one.

This is because it is very beneficial for the development of children’s personality to grow up with pets and to take part in their care as they teach friendship, compassion, unselfish love, but also assume their responsibilities.

If you are concerned about the fact that some diseases can be transmitted from animals to children, you know that the chances are zero when the animal is under veterinary supervision and the basic hygiene rules are followed thoroughly.

It is understood that you will ensure that children avoid contact with the excrement and excretion of the animal. Also, the little one should be especially protected from any scratches and any bites.

This will be achieved if your little one and your son do not come into contact with the pet without the supervision of an adult. In other words, you have to make sure that the children understand that the pet is not yet a toy but a living organism to which they should behave accordingly.

If you can take care of all of the above, think seriously if at this stage with your children, you and your partner, you can take the commitment that a pet requires, taking care to meet his or her needs and giving ” this care and the love it needs. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to visit the pet shop to wait.

What does it cost to have a dog? Expenditure as a dog owner

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What does it cost to have a dog?

The cost of having a dog can vary a lot. For example, there is a difference in whether you acquire a big or small dog if you take the dog on exhibitions, which feed you give it and how much you spend on equipment. There are, however, a number of expenses that you do not get around. And in general, one can say that it is expensive to have a dog.

In a calculation made by Nordea, they arrive that a dog costs about 100,000 DKK if it lives for 12 years. Another calculation made by Samvirke shows that the amount of an average family dog ​​as a labrador amounts to DKK 187,000 for a life of 12 years.

Below are some of the expenses associated with having a dog.


The price of a dog varies greatly depending on which breed you choose and if the dog has a pedigree. If you buy a mixed dog, the price can be from DKK 500 and up, while a dog with pedigree costs from 4-5,000 DKK and up – depending on race and ancestry. History’s most expensive dog – the Tibetan Mastiff “Big Splash” – was sold to a Chinese in March 2011 for 10 million. Chinese yang, which corresponds to more than nine million. Danish kroner.
Alka Hundeforsikring . Here you can sign the statutory insurance, but you can also extend the insurance with a dog sickness insurance. With a dog sickness insurance you have confidence if your dog is getting sick or injured.

Work out

If you want to go to training with your dog, it’s up to the individual dog owner. A puppy can start in dog training already from 9-10 weeks old. It just has to be vaccinated. A 10-time training package costs 3-400 DKK through an association, while the prices of private coaches are usually slightly higher.

In the Bamberger Hain, in the alleys of the city: By the talking dogs and a bad drink called Rauchbier

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An almost Robert-Walser-like walk, merely aimless, unlike in the strangely-spun and in its way infinitely sad narrative “The Walk”. The light in winter is more beautiful than in summer, I think on my way out of the city – at least for photography beautiful – in the Bamberger grove and, later back from the open field and shady trees, the meadows and waters, the lock and on Opposite the river Regnitz on the shore is the Concordia artists’ club, then back to the old town, to the butcher’s shop, where there was a Leberkäs roll, but at least it is more pleasant in summer. Because it is warm and light flows in streets and paths in the high days of June. Summer begins, the longest day of the year, I sit outside, in the evening in the gallery on Stephansberg or in the Café Müller with a white wine, just before the lectures. The summer light is bright during the daytime. The evening, however, offers better light for taking pictures. Only: there were the lectures in the bright Dominican church to hear, so the camera remained in the bag.

In the Bamberger Hain I met the talking dog Berganza and after a few glasses of the rather horrible tasting Bamberger Rauchbier it seems as if it really were like this: all dogs talk to one or strangely looked up to the wavering guest. The city of the seven hills. On the ascent to the Michelsberg or to the beautiful beer garden on the Stephansberg one can get into the panting and the alcohol got into the blood. Bamberger Rauchbier tastes like a malicious man or a malicious god dipped a smoked bacon in beer for ten days. Sebastian insisted on tasting this beer, but also advised caution; This was not for everyone and taste. And so it was. We did it in the alto ringlet. I am strolling in white summer jeans. At least some dogs meet in the grove if you walk on the banks of the river Regnitz during the day and of course on a saint’s heart. But all those lovely dogs who are on a leash or sometimes without running: they are all well-behaved. Certainly readers of the Hoffmann text and connoisseur of his work claim that ETA Hoffmann’s “Message of the latest fates of the dog Berganza” was one of his weakest prose pieces.

“You’re a cultural blogger, you have to do something fuller, not just digress and digress!” “No, no, I just have to take a walk, a camera between my paws. I do not discover the stories, but go past them, give them at most a picture, put them in a photograph “. Such inattentive going messed me up at the end of a nice story for the newspaper. But this story can be made up for.

In the Bamberger Hain, the sun shines brightly, unlike my winter walk there , and in front of the monument of Ludwig II, a young beauty in a bikini lolls. I look over calmly.

Police Calendar 2019, also the cartoonists of Dylan Dog and Tex take part in the project

This month, it was presented at the Palazzo Delle Esposizioni in Rome, in the presence of the Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini, the Chief of Police Franco Gabrielli, and the President of Unicef ​​Italia Francesco Samengo, the new Polizia 2019 calendar.

This year, as a calendar, the Police decided to show their identity by depicting the typical activities carried out, through beautiful unpublished illustrations, made by distinguished Italian cartoonists. Within the calendar it will be possible to discover, for each month, a story and the new distinctive signs of qualification that the Police will adopt in the new reference year. Finally, most importantly, part of the proceeds from the sale will go to the Italian Committee for Unicef ​​Onlus to support the “Yemen” project and another part to the State Police Assistance Fund.

Who are the cartoonists who designed the 2019 State Police calendar?

Twelve tables drawn, one for each month. Among the most important Italian cartoonists, we find:

  • Bruno Brindisi;

  • Luca Raimondo;

  • Roberto De Angelis;

  • Daniele Bigliardo;

  • Luigi Siniscalchi;

  • Raffaele della Monica;

  • Massimiliano Bertolini;

  • Raul and Gianluca Cestaro;

  • Walter Venturi;

  • Stefano Casini;

  • Jonathan Fara.


Where can I buy the 2019 Police Calendar?

The purchase of the State Police Calendar, is managed by the URP (public relations offices) of the Police Headquarters, subject to booking and payment, of € 8.00 for the wall edition and € 6.00 for the table, on the account postal current n. 745000, made out to the “Italian Committee for Unicef”, taking care to include in the reason “Police Calendar 2019 for the Unicef ​​project” Yemen “.

All citizens can purchase the Polizia 2019 calendar also online at www.unicef.it in the “Gifts and products” section. In addition to the revenues that will go to the Italian Committee for Unicef ​​Onlus in support of the “Yemen” project, another part will be donated to support the minor children of Police Employees due to serious illnesses. We leave you with a preview of the 2019 Police calendar!

A dog with 3 legs as a gift: the film that hits!

The present is the story of a little boy like the others who seems interested only in video games. Until the day his mother offers him a gift that will upset his habits: a dog with three legs. His disability exasperates him, until …

This short film of just 4 minutes, however, says a lot about the idea that we make the difference. It is inspired by a comic book by the Brazilian Fabio Coala, and was made as part of a film by Jacob Frey, at the Film School of Baden-Württemberg, Ludwigsburg, Germany. Germany. This gem has already been broadcast in nearly 200 festivals and won more than fifty awards. It has been a hit all over the world since it was released on the web on January 25, 2016.

The Present.

Refusal of a guide dog by a taxi

The incident occurred in May in Pau when a driver refused to board a blind on the pretext that a guide dog accompanied him, before changing his mind, told AFP Philippe Lagrave, president of the trade union chamber taxis palois.

Some pats …

“This madman threw me ‘I do not have a car to 80 000 euros to put p … of threw in'”, said the blind, aged 67, to the Republic of the Pyrenees . ” With the host of the National Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired (UNADEV) who accompanied me, it was explained that he was not allowed to do that and he finally agreed to take me at the station “, told AFP the victim. This inhabitant of Orthez, blind since 2003, sent a letter to the prefecture. The driver will be translated on 18 October 2018 before the disciplinary commission meeting at the sub-prefecture of Bayonne.

Complaints without further action

“This driver broke the law,” said Lagrave, pointing to a ” black sheep “. On 21 September 2018, a blind man accompanied by his guide dog, was expelled from a Monoprix in Marseille (article in link below). According to the French Federation of Guide Dog Associations (FFAC), 88 cases of refusal of access to a person accompanied by a guide dog were found in 2017. Until then according to the association, no complaint n ‘ has never been brought to justice, despite the fine of 450 euros provided by law.

Dog liability insurance

No matter if Chihuahua or Great Dane: Every dog ​​can cause grief to its owner or mistress if the four-legged unintentionally injures or damages their property. Without dog liability insurance, the owner is liable for such damage with his entire assets. The conclusion of the insurance is not always voluntary – in some federal states, no dog may be kept without corresponding liability.

Why is dog ownership so important?

Many dog ​​owners find it hard to imagine that their four-legged friends could harm other people. In fact, the German Insurance Association (Gesamtverband der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft) records an average of 100,000 damages each year, which are regulated within the framework of the dog liability insurance. Without this protection, which is often referred to as dog owner liability insurance, dog owners must pay with their private assets for the damage. The protection is not only for the owner, but also for family members.

The following two examples illustrate the significant financial risk that dog owners incur without insurance.

Dog bite with consequences Dog causes car accident
When walking with the dog suddenly comes a strange four-legged friends to the team. There is a scramble between the dogs. The stranger dog jumps up at the person and bites him in the hand. A dog suddenly runs across the street during the walk. A car driver can prevent the crash with the dog in the last second. The car behind, however, crashes into the car. This injure the inmates.
In the first instance, the injured party was awarded a compensation of 2,000 euros and another 1,560 euros for damaged clothing and glasses (LG Erfurt Az. 8 O 1517/11). The dog owner must pay more than 80,000 euros for the damage to the vehicles, damages and compensation.

While compulsory insurance for such dogs is classified as dangerous in most federal states, the degree is mandatory in some regions of Germany regardless of the breed, for example in Berlin, Lower Saxony and Thuringia.

Services of the dog liability and useful additional services

Insured persons can always rely on their dog liability insurance if their four-legged friend causes property, property or personal injury to other people. If the dog chews or scratches expensive furniture while the dog owner is visiting friends with him, the insurance jumps in as well as in the case when strangers or a dog sitter are bitten. If injured parties can not work for a certain time due to the incident, the loss of earnings is insured. If the dog injures other four-legged friends, the dog liability for the veterinary costs.

The examples show that in many situations it can be tricky for dog owners – even if their four-legged friend has the best education.

In order to be as fully secured as possible, there are some additional benefits that dog owners should attach importance to. These include:

No leash : In many places, the dog must be kept on a leash. Disregard dog owner the rule and it comes in the course of damage, but the insurance pays.

Lease damage : This covers damage that the dog causes in privately used rental apartments, for example, when the four-legged scratched a door or biting door slats.

Failure cover : Not every dog ​​owner has a dog liability insurance or is financially able to meet claims for damages. In such a case, this supplement protects insured persons from sitting on the damage caused to them or their dog by a strange quadruped.

Counterparty risk : The protection of the insurance applies even if the dog is not supervised by the owner, but by another person.

Cover damage : If there is an unwanted cover act, the dog liability for the resulting costs, such as for abortion or puppy rearing.

How is the contribution for the dog liability insurance calculated?

The costs of the dog liability are initially based on the selected benefits and the amount of the coverage. This should not be less than three million euros. Many insurers now offer by default a sum of five, 20 or even 50 million euros. In addition, the breed of dog influences the insurance contribution. Owners of large dogs and four-legged animals classified as dangerous therefore have to pay more for protection depending on the provider.

By contrast, a deductible has a negative effect on the contribution. The more the insured is willing to pay out of his own pocket in case of damage, the cheaper the dog liability. Also, an annual payment reward many insurers with a discount.

Current test winner for the dog liability insurance

Dog liability insurance tests are rarely published. Stiftung Warentest, for example, let six years elapse before it conducted a new study in the spring of 2016 with almost 60 providers in comparison. All tariffs offer a basic protection. This means that dog carers, rent damage, a stay abroad and cover damage are insured. Dog puppies are also insured at least until the age of six months. The protection of the dog liability also applies if insured violate keeper obligations.

The annual fee for the 40 cheapest offers varies between 58 and 131 euros. According to Stiftung Warentest, the following insurers charge less than 70 euros per year:

  • NV “Premium”
  • Ammerländer “Comfort”
  • Bavaria Direct / Ovag
  • HanseMerkur
  • GMO “Smart and easy”
  • VHV “Classic Guarantor”
  • Janito’s “Balance”

Dog tax in Hamburg

The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg is one of the German federal states in which both a Anleinpflicht and a dog liability insurance for all dog owners is required by law. The Dog Law (Dog Law), which has been in force since 1 April 2006, also provides that dog owners register their dog in a dog register and mark it with a microchip.

The Dog Law in Hamburg

The Dog Law of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg prescribes a general obligation for all dogs outside their own fenced property. In multi-family houses, the linen obligation already applies outside the dog owner’s apartment. Dogs must be kept in Hamburg by a suitable supervisor on a tear-proof leash no more than two meters long. The linen pressure does not apply in the freewheeling areas designated by the districts as dog run-off zones.

Dog owners in Hamburg may be exempted from the general anlein obligation if they can provide a certificate of obedience to the competent authority. This proves that a keeper has his dog in everyday life under control and can hold and guide him so that the dog is likely to pose no danger or significant harassment of people, animals or things. The obedience test can be taken for a fee of 9 euros at a recognized expert or for 18 euros in the Hamburg Consumer Protection Office. Dogs that are classified as dangerous in Hamburg, however, can not be released from the Anleinpflicht.

Muzzle requirement in Hamburg

In the state of Hamburg, dangerous dogs must muzzle as soon as they are outside the fenced possession of their owner. On fenced land and in the living space of third parties, the dogs may only be led without muzzle and leash, if the owner of the local house right agrees. In multi-family dwellings there is a muzzle requirement for dangerous dogs outside the dwelling of the dog owner.

Fighting dogs in Hamburg

As dangerous dogs are considered in Hamburg:

  • Pit Bull Terrier,
  • American Staffordshire Terrier,
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier and
  • Bulldog.

In addition, such dogs are considered dangerous, which show an inappropriate or pronounced aggression towards humans or animals. As long as the dog owner can not convince the competent authority of the contrary, according to Fight Dog Ordinance also apply

  • bullmastiff,
  • Dogo Argentino,
  • Dogue de Bordeaux,
  • Fila Brasileiro,
  • Kangal,
  • Caucasian Owtscharka,
  • mastiff,
  • Mastin Español,
  • Mastino Napoletano,
  • Rottweilers and
  • Tosa Inu

as dangerous.

Dog tax in Hamburg

The Hamburg tax office is responsible for setting the dog tax in the Hanseatic city. Per dog, Hamburg dog owners have to pay 90 Euro dog tax per year . For dangerous dogs is an annual dog tax rate of 600 €.

In addition to the dog tax fall for Hamburg dog owner further costs by the mandatory dog ​​owner liability insurance. All owners are required by law to take out a corresponding liability insurance with a minimum sum insured of one million euros. Find out where you can get cheap insurance coverage and request a free quote. If you already know which insurance cover you would like to receive, then you can apply for it conveniently online.