Urgent loans in Almeria

If you need urgent financing in Almeria . Below we will show you the financial companies that offer financial advice to their new clients who come from Almeria. We warn you that there are also online financial services, which also give money to various forms of applications. Alanco – Financial advice in Almeria. Alanco is

Animal owners liability in the test

Horse and dog owners who are looking for a high-performance and reasonably priced pet owner liability can orientate themselves on current test winners. However, the insurance for the four-legged are rarely tested. Pet owners should therefore individually compare tariffs with each other to find the personal best protection. Animal owners liability in comparison: Which test

When Can You Take A Pet To Your Child

Your 5-year-old son loves dogs, and where he finds some run over her to embrace her, but you also have a daughter who just celebrated her first birthday, so you are wondering when you can take the pet so persistently asks the little one . If your children are healthy, they do not have a

Refusal of a guide dog by a taxi

The incident occurred in May in Pau when a driver refused to board a blind on the pretext that a guide dog accompanied him, before changing his mind, told AFP Philippe Lagrave, president of the trade union chamber taxis palois. Some pats … “This madman threw me ‘I do not have a car to 80

Dog liability insurance

No matter if Chihuahua or Great Dane: Every dog ​​can cause grief to its owner or mistress if the four-legged unintentionally injures or damages their property. Without dog liability insurance, the owner is liable for such damage with his entire assets. The conclusion of the insurance is not always voluntary – in some federal states,

Dog tax in Hamburg

The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg is one of the German federal states in which both a Anleinpflicht and a dog liability insurance for all dog owners is required by law. The Dog Law (Dog Law), which has been in force since 1 April 2006, also provides that dog owners register their dog in