Animal owners liability in the test

Horse and dog owners who are looking for a high-performance and reasonably priced pet owner liability can orientate themselves on current test winners. However, the insurance for the four-legged are rarely tested. Pet owners should therefore individually compare tariffs with each other to find the personal best protection.

Animal owners liability in comparison: Which test winner will be 2018?

Whether dog liability or horse liability insurance – the important protection for dog and horse owners, there are already for a few euros a month. But where do you find good and cheap livestock liability insurance ? Compared to other insurance products, this issue is rarely investigated by auditors. All the more valuable are the current test winners, on which pet owners can orient themselves.

However, no test was published in 2018. In the following, therefore, interested parties will find the latest test results from the year 2017 and the test winners on horse and dog liability of Stiftung Warentest.

Dog liability insurance in comparison

The analysis house ascore In the summer of 2017, scoring compared more than 50 insurers and their offers for dog liability insurance in a comparison. The experts looked at various criteria such as the insurance conditions of animal husbandry liability and performance processing.

Eight fares reach the best rating of six stars. These are:

✓ Tariff “Classik” from Alte Leipziger
✓ “Comfort” from Alte Leipziger
✓ “THV Komfort Plus” by The Liability Insurance Fund
✓ “Best Selection 2016” by Janitos
✓ “Allsafe amigo” by Konzept & Marketing
✓ “Max-THV Premium Dog” by Maxpool
✓ “NV HundePremium 2.0” from NV-Versicherungen
✓ “NV HundePremiumPlus 2.0” from NV-Versicherungen

The cost of the very good dog liability insurance vary with a deductible of 150 € between 46 € and 113 € per year . Depending on the provider, the sum insured is between 5 and 20 million euros per damage.

Tip: The costs for animal owners liability often depend on the race of the four-legged friends . In order to find a dog liability insurance that fits the personal requirements, an individual tariff comparison makes sense . This can also save dog owners a lot of money. Especially when they value top performance, the price range between the cheapest and most expensive insurance is large.

Horse liability insurance in comparison

For horse owners too, the analysis company has been looking for the best insurance to protect themselves from the financial consequences of damage that their horse accidentally causes. Nearly 50 providers were examined.

About every fifth liability is excellent from the testers point of view . Thus the tariffs “comfort” and “Premium” of the ARAG as well as “NV PferdePremium 2.0” and “NV PferdePremiumPlus 2.0” of NV-Versicherungen receive the top rating. The same applies to the livestock liability insurance policies “Comfort” from Alte Leipziger, “Animal Owners Liability Insurance” from Gothaer, “THV XXL” from InterRisk, “Best Selection 2016” from Janitos, “Allsafe cavallo” from Konzept & Marketing and “max-THV Premium Horse” from maxpool.

Tip: As with the dog liability insurance, the annual costs vary significantly depending on the provider. But that is not the only reason why an individual tariff comparison with horse liability insurance is worthwhile. Interested parties can quickly find out how insurers differ in their services.

For example, some do not see any protection in the event of rent damages or do not pay if the horse accidentally injures the holder’s partner or family members . Accordingly, it is important to contrast different tariffs using a comparison calculator to find the personal best mix of price and performance.

Animal husbandry liability in the test of Stiftung Warentest

The last test of Stiftung Warentest on animal husbandry insurance was published in 2016 in the April (horses) and June (dogs) issue of the financial test. In order to find the best dog liability , 116 tariffs with a sum insured of at least five million euros were examined. They all offer a basic protection. He encloses

✓ protection in the event of a breach of holder obligations,

✓ the insurance cover for dog handlers ,

✓ Lease damage with at least 250,000 euros,

✓ Cover damage as well

✓ protection abroad for at least one year.

For this basic protection, dog owners pay different amounts of money. While the cheapest provider calculates 58 euros a year, the most expensive is 172 euros.

The three cheapest dog liability insurance in the test of Stiftung Warentest at a glance:

insurer tariff Annual fee in euros
NV Premium 58
Ammerländer Comfort 60
Bavaria Direct No information 61

In the search for the best protection for horse owners , the Stiftung Warentest also defined a basic protection and then examined which of the 94 tariffs offer the most favorable horse liability. In addition to the insurance coverage for horse keepers and in the event of breaches of holder obligations, the horse liability insurance covers cover third-party riders, cover and ground damage. The sum insured amounts to five million euros per damage for property damage and personal injury.

The cheapest rates for animal husbandry liability for horses in the test of Stiftung Warentest at a glance:

insurer tariff Annual fee in euros
GMO Smart and easy 91
NV Premium 94
VGH No information 111
ÖVB No information 111

As with the pet owner liability for dog owners, the costs for the protection of horse owners differ significantly. Thus, the highest annual fee according to the comparison is 262 euros.

Find customized pet ownership now

The different tests prove that, depending on which insurance coverage pet owners want, different rates are recommended for the protection of dogs or horses. Depending on the age of the policyholder, the insured animal and the wishes for the benefit package, the annual costs may vary.

With a non-binding comparison, interested parties get a simple and uncomplicated overview of a variety of tariffs for animal owners liability insurance. In the results list the cheapest and most powerful offers are shown . These can continue to filter dog and horse owners until they have found the optimal protection for their four-legged friends.