Dog tax in Hamburg

The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg is one of the German federal states in which both a Anleinpflicht and a dog liability insurance for all dog owners is required by law. The Dog Law (Dog Law), which has been in force since 1 April 2006, also provides that dog owners register their dog in a dog register and mark it with a microchip.

The Dog Law in Hamburg

The Dog Law of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg prescribes a general obligation for all dogs outside their own fenced property. In multi-family houses, the linen obligation already applies outside the dog owner’s apartment. Dogs must be kept in Hamburg by a suitable supervisor on a tear-proof leash no more than two meters long. The linen pressure does not apply in the freewheeling areas designated by the districts as dog run-off zones.

Dog owners in Hamburg may be exempted from the general anlein obligation if they can provide a certificate of obedience to the competent authority. This proves that a keeper has his dog in everyday life under control and can hold and guide him so that the dog is likely to pose no danger or significant harassment of people, animals or things. The obedience test can be taken for a fee of 9 euros at a recognized expert or for 18 euros in the Hamburg Consumer Protection Office. Dogs that are classified as dangerous in Hamburg, however, can not be released from the Anleinpflicht.

Muzzle requirement in Hamburg

In the state of Hamburg, dangerous dogs must muzzle as soon as they are outside the fenced possession of their owner. On fenced land and in the living space of third parties, the dogs may only be led without muzzle and leash, if the owner of the local house right agrees. In multi-family dwellings there is a muzzle requirement for dangerous dogs outside the dwelling of the dog owner.

Fighting dogs in Hamburg

As dangerous dogs are considered in Hamburg:

  • Pit Bull Terrier,
  • American Staffordshire Terrier,
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier and
  • Bulldog.

In addition, such dogs are considered dangerous, which show an inappropriate or pronounced aggression towards humans or animals. As long as the dog owner can not convince the competent authority of the contrary, according to Fight Dog Ordinance also apply

  • bullmastiff,
  • Dogo Argentino,
  • Dogue de Bordeaux,
  • Fila Brasileiro,
  • Kangal,
  • Caucasian Owtscharka,
  • mastiff,
  • Mastin Español,
  • Mastino Napoletano,
  • Rottweilers and
  • Tosa Inu

as dangerous.

Dog tax in Hamburg

The Hamburg tax office is responsible for setting the dog tax in the Hanseatic city. Per dog, Hamburg dog owners have to pay 90 Euro dog tax per year . For dangerous dogs is an annual dog tax rate of 600 €.

In addition to the dog tax fall for Hamburg dog owner further costs by the mandatory dog ​​owner liability insurance. All owners are required by law to take out a corresponding liability insurance with a minimum sum insured of one million euros. Find out where you can get cheap insurance coverage and request a free quote. If you already know which insurance cover you would like to receive, then you can apply for it conveniently online.