Police Calendar 2019, also the cartoonists of Dylan Dog and Tex take part in the project

This month, it was presented at the Palazzo Delle Esposizioni in Rome, in the presence of the Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini, the Chief of Police Franco Gabrielli, and the President of Unicef ​​Italia Francesco Samengo, the new Polizia 2019 calendar.

This year, as a calendar, the Police decided to show their identity by depicting the typical activities carried out, through beautiful unpublished illustrations, made by distinguished Italian cartoonists. Within the calendar it will be possible to discover, for each month, a story and the new distinctive signs of qualification that the Police will adopt in the new reference year. Finally, most importantly, part of the proceeds from the sale will go to the Italian Committee for Unicef ​​Onlus to support the “Yemen” project and another part to the State Police Assistance Fund.

Who are the cartoonists who designed the 2019 State Police calendar?

Twelve tables drawn, one for each month. Among the most important Italian cartoonists, we find:

  • Bruno Brindisi;

  • Luca Raimondo;

  • Roberto De Angelis;

  • Daniele Bigliardo;

  • Luigi Siniscalchi;

  • Raffaele della Monica;

  • Massimiliano Bertolini;

  • Raul and Gianluca Cestaro;

  • Walter Venturi;

  • Stefano Casini;

  • Jonathan Fara.


Where can I buy the 2019 Police Calendar?

The purchase of the State Police Calendar, is managed by the URP (public relations offices) of the Police Headquarters, subject to booking and payment, of € 8.00 for the wall edition and € 6.00 for the table, on the account postal current n. 745000, made out to the “Italian Committee for Unicef”, taking care to include in the reason “Police Calendar 2019 for the Unicef ​​project” Yemen “.

All citizens can purchase the Polizia 2019 calendar also online at www.unicef.it in the “Gifts and products” section. In addition to the revenues that will go to the Italian Committee for Unicef ​​Onlus in support of the “Yemen” project, another part will be donated to support the minor children of Police Employees due to serious illnesses. We leave you with a preview of the 2019 Police calendar!