Refusal of a guide dog by a taxi

The incident occurred in May in Pau when a driver refused to board a blind on the pretext that a guide dog accompanied him, before changing his mind, told AFP Philippe Lagrave, president of the trade union chamber taxis palois.

Some pats …

“This madman threw me ‘I do not have a car to 80 000 euros to put p … of threw in'”, said the blind, aged 67, to the Republic of the Pyrenees . ” With the host of the National Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired (UNADEV) who accompanied me, it was explained that he was not allowed to do that and he finally agreed to take me at the station “, told AFP the victim. This inhabitant of Orthez, blind since 2003, sent a letter to the prefecture. The driver will be translated on 18 October 2018 before the disciplinary commission meeting at the sub-prefecture of Bayonne.

Complaints without further action

“This driver broke the law,” said Lagrave, pointing to a ” black sheep “. On 21 September 2018, a blind man accompanied by his guide dog, was expelled from a Monoprix in Marseille (article in link below). According to the French Federation of Guide Dog Associations (FFAC), 88 cases of refusal of access to a person accompanied by a guide dog were found in 2017. Until then according to the association, no complaint n ‘ has never been brought to justice, despite the fine of 450 euros provided by law.