What does it cost to have a dog? Expenditure as a dog owner

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What does it cost to have a dog?

The cost of having a dog can vary a lot. For example, there is a difference in whether you acquire a big or small dog if you take the dog on exhibitions, which feed you give it and how much you spend on equipment. There are, however, a number of expenses that you do not get around. And in general, one can say that it is expensive to have a dog.

In a calculation made by Nordea, they arrive that a dog costs about 100,000 DKK if it lives for 12 years. Another calculation made by Samvirke shows that the amount of an average family dog ​​as a labrador amounts to DKK 187,000 for a life of 12 years.

Below are some of the expenses associated with having a dog.


The price of a dog varies greatly depending on which breed you choose and if the dog has a pedigree. If you buy a mixed dog, the price can be from DKK 500 and up, while a dog with pedigree costs from 4-5,000 DKK and up – depending on race and ancestry. History’s most expensive dog – the Tibetan Mastiff “Big Splash” – was sold to a Chinese in March 2011 for 10 million. Chinese yang, which corresponds to more than nine million. Danish kroner.
Alka Hundeforsikring . Here you can sign the statutory insurance, but you can also extend the insurance with a dog sickness insurance. With a dog sickness insurance you have confidence if your dog is getting sick or injured.

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If you want to go to training with your dog, it’s up to the individual dog owner. A puppy can start in dog training already from 9-10 weeks old. It just has to be vaccinated. A 10-time training package costs 3-400 DKK through an association, while the prices of private coaches are usually slightly higher.