When Can You Take A Pet To Your Child

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Your 5-year-old son loves dogs, and where he finds some run over her to embrace her, but you also have a daughter who just celebrated her first birthday, so you are wondering when you can take the pet so persistently asks the little one .

If your children are healthy, they do not have a history of allergy, take care of the vaccination of the pet, and you have a big home, theoretically you can make a favor to your little one.

This is because it is very beneficial for the development of children’s personality to grow up with pets and to take part in their care as they teach friendship, compassion, unselfish love, but also assume their responsibilities.

If you are concerned about the fact that some diseases can be transmitted from animals to children, you know that the chances are zero when the animal is under veterinary supervision and the basic hygiene rules are followed thoroughly.

It is understood that you will ensure that children avoid contact with the excrement and excretion of the animal. Also, the little one should be especially protected from any scratches and any bites.

This will be achieved if your little one and your son do not come into contact with the pet without the supervision of an adult. In other words, you have to make sure that the children understand that the pet is not yet a toy but a living organism to which they should behave accordingly.

If you can take care of all of the above, think seriously if at this stage with your children, you and your partner, you can take the commitment that a pet requires, taking care to meet his or her needs and giving ” this care and the love it needs. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to visit the pet shop to wait.